Friday, August 28, 2015

Installing Drum Set Crows Nest - August 16th, 2015

Day 1 and 2 of installing Drum Set were brutal due to the 90 +  (33+ Celsius) degree heat.  Ted McGurn, our guest artist on this project is setting up the Crow's Nest.  The final piece of the installation has been scheduled for Saturday August 29th, 2015.  
Ted McGurn, screwing footings into base

More photos, including of completed art work to come soon.

         Guest Artist, Ted McGurn attaching one of the sides of the Crows Nest


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Site on a hilltop

A bit of a teaser.....This is our amazing site for Drum Set Crows Nest.  We began installing on August 15th and 16th in the extreme heat.  More images to come.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Flag for Crows Nest

The following are two mock ups of possible images for our flag to be mounted on top of our crow's nest.  These are in a very preliminary stage, so check back in soon for developments.                                                            

We are still in the process of deciding if we want to go traditional with the pirate skull and crossbones.  


In an acknowledgment of the site for the installation as a working cow farm, should we be a bit more playful and irreverent put using a cow skull and crossbones on our pirate inspired flag.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Drum Set Crows Nest is going to happen!

Since last Jaunuary 2014, Laura and I have been proposing and tweaking a large outdoor project titled Drum Set Crow's Nest.  We finally have a venue for this project!  We will be participating in Collaborative Concepts,10th annual Farm Project at Saunder's Farm in Garrison, NY.  The piece will be installed in late August 2015 and open Labour Day weekend Saturday September 5th, 2015.  It is very fitting since this year marks 10 years since Laura and I began a series of conversations that turned into a collaborative project known as Yurt City. Ten seems to be a lucky number as this will be project number 10.  Yurt City projects have been installed at local and international locales, including Socrates Sculpture Park, art sites gallery in Riverhead, NY, in Rotterdam, Beaver Creek, California and Memphis, Tennessee.  Below are a few sneak peaks at the planning and building of Crow's Nest.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Drum Kit Crow's Nest

A couple of preliminary drawings for a proposed project we are hoping will happen in 2015.  It is titled, Drum Kit Crows Nest.  It will consist of a crow's nest type platform and an actual drum set the viewer can play.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Maypole Alley - More Images from Friday and Saturday May 10th and 11th, 2013

Since the conditions are always changing in our lot on South Main Street in Memphis, we like to document the installation numerous times in the various conditions.  The first image was from the back of the lot facing east looking out onto South Main Street.  It just so happened that the trolley was passing.  Click on images to enlarge.

Detail of the Crest and Banner from.  Detail of banner with camels converging on the maypole and the back of the crest revealing the embroidered text "solidarity." The camel is our avatar, our stand in.  It is a beast of burden and a  wanderer and a perfect representative for this transitional space in this itinerant river town and an installation that looks like the remnants of a carnival, circus or some event that quickly packed up and left town.  Initially we wanted to create a maypole for this lot, but due to concerns about rigging and liability, we changed it to a crest, banner and pennant installation.  The maypole dance is traditionally a rite of spring, danced in various parts of the world, often by children.  It also has a strong association with May Day and the Labour and Suffrage movements.  A merging of the social and the political.