Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Site for Hydro Signals (Jersey Shore) late April 2012

    Site for Hydro Signals (Jersey Shore) next to the boardwalk near the intersection of Ocean and Morris Avenue in Long Branch, NJ

Laura and I have been invited more and more to collaborate under the ageis of Yurt City but as a two person partnership.  We feel that the projects we have undertaken in the past couple of years, such as Amoibe Yurt City, F T Q and our latest endeavour, Hydro Signals (Jersey Shore) as part of Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts' (aka SICA) Sculptoure 2012.  We feel all the subsequent projects are in the same spirit as the original Yurt City projects.  The next several postings will have photos of this project, some of the other participating artist's work.  There will be an event in mid June at our site.  More information to come shortly.