Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amoibe Yurt City Oud Charlois Rotterdam Netherlands!

Amoibe Yurt City was installed successfully in a great junk shop called Piekfijn as part of Kuf/Mold, a traveling exhibition. The concept of this show was to put art in places where it is not normally seen. Laura and Sheila were invited to create a special Yurt City project, which was installed with more than 60 other site specific works in the Oud Charlois district of Southern Rotterdam on the Maas River.
For more information on the project see http://kufsergisi.blogspot.com/

Amoibe Yurt City, 2009
Spray paint, Astroturf, vinyl, pompoms, dog tents
Variable dimensions

Amoibe Yurt City, detail

Interior shot - Pre-install


All good things must come to an End

We decided to close YC3 a bit early due to a summer of too much inclement
weather. Some of the structures were suffering. One of the tents in Trace,
a piece by Laura Ten Eyck was struck by lightning.

The following are images taken on September 12th, 2009

Charles Butterly's piece, which was installed for the Found show and remained as a part of YC3

Abandoned Garden
After the removal of Junior One Bedroom