Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yurt City, Limited Unique Edition of 10 books

The book was also a true collaborative project with both Ross and Ten Eyck generating images of ideas and images regarding Yurt City project. The accompanying images are just of a few of the many wood block and phototransfer prints, drawings and collages selected from various pages of the 10 books that Ross and Ten Eyck compiled and assembled together.

Yurt City Archive

The other day, I posted a few images from the inaugural Yurt City. With that project, Laura and I created a related side project - a series of 10 unique books of images and ideas related to Yurt City. Images of some of the books will be uploaded later today. For Yurt City II installed at Socrates Sculpture Park in August 2007, we intended to created a blog. Better late than never. Had I know how easy it is to post a blog, it would have happened sooner. While this blog will serve as both an archive of past projects, including shots of the roving Yurt City II (in true nomadic spirit), we will also post information about the upcoming YC3. We also plan on inviting some others to post ideas, images, thoughts, small projects related to our Yurt City project. Stay tuned.