Sunday, March 24, 2013

Memphis Social - Preliminary drawings


Laura and I have been invited to participate in an exhibition titled Memphis Social, to be held at various locations around the downtown area of Memphis.  We are among 60 plus artists who will be participating.  Our site is a vacant lot on South Main Street.  Here are a few preliminary drawings of some ideas for projects that were ultimately rejected. 

Site for Hydro Signals in Long Branch - Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - Late October 2012

I snapped this shot of the site for Hydro Signals, which was installed in Long Branch NJ last spring and summer of 2012, during the Hurricane Sandy coverage on the news.  It was literally 6 weeks after we deinstalled Hydro Signals from this very spot.  The boardwalk has been ripped up and thrown across Ocean Avenue at Morris Avenue.   No words really.  I have come to love this part of the tri-state area and New Jersey in particular.  Happily it will be rebuilt.  We are very sorry for the devastation to people and property.